Credit Card

The lure to get a credit card is pretty high in the monarch kingdom, especially when expats witness the breathtaking lifestyle of the locals. Fancy cars, exotic places, expensive clothes, lavish dine-ins and wild pets are a few kinky delights to name a few. These all require loads of credit and that is only possible if you have an A-rated bank account and a loaded credit card.

Getting a credit card is easy Applying for a credit card in UAE is painless. Most reputed banks will provide you a credit card as soon as you open an account with them. This is obvious but has a peculiar hindrance attached with it. The credit cards have an upper limit decided by the bank which is wonderful because you can spend all that money - but can get you in debt if you let it remain unchecked for longer periods. In case you exceed your credit limit you will have to either pay an interest on the outstanding amount or a surcharge depending the on the outstanding amount. Because the amount is lent to you by the bank. Things to Check: You need to keep following things in check while applying for a credit card. Interest Rate: The interest rate on outstanding amount may vary from bank to bank and is a wise thing to check, in case you jump the curb. Salary requirements: There is a salary requirement on all credit cards, this filters the ineligible ones out Annual Fees: Make sure the annual fee on your credit card is low. It is just a headache that will be cut from your annual balance. Benefits offered: Finally the benefits. Keep a close look on this one. Most "benefits" are actually gimmicks, but a few are really beneficial such as dine-ins, discounts on stores and similar stuff.