Licensing Requirements

Background Information:

Dubai is a mix of British, French, Islamic and Egyptian law. The system is complex and works on legal precedents and factual evidence for judging cases. Therefore, Dubai legal department requires a complete background check of the lawyers before permitting him to form a legal office. Note: the lawyer needs to be a citizen of the state.


In the legal system of Dubai, a lawyer is either an advocate or a legal consultant. Advocates can only practice in a federal court if they are registered with the ministry of justice of Dubai, while legal consultants can provide services outside of court as well. The lawyer needs to meet standard regulations of the state i.e. He needs to be a citizen of the state Should be older than 20 years of age Possess a good character and reputation Is not charged with any sort of criminal offense Has not breached honor or trust of anyone Apart from that, the lawyer needs to be registered with Department of legal Affairs. This is mandatory for lawyers interested in providing legal services outside of court.


For forming a legal office in Dubai, a lawyer needs to be a law graduate of a recognized education institute. Note: Dubai doesnt allow non-citizens to practice law professionally in the country.