Police Cases

How to file police cases in Dubai?

Though, the world doesn't work as we hope and people find themselves in situations where they require state help. In such cases, reporting a complaint to police or filing a police case is the only option. Filing a police case in Dubai is not as difficult as it may sound. But it is advisable not to submit a complaint unless the situation is totally out of hand. Often, victims are blamed by the police and even put in a lock up because of lack of evidence against the offender. This has happened with rape victims and sexual assault victims numerous times. Here is how to register police cases in Dubai

Police Inquiry:

Dubai police has a designated number 901. That can be called for police inquiries.

Complaint against Neighbors:

Neighbors often become a headache and no option is left but to call the police. In such a case, they can dial the Al Ameen Services +971-800-4888.

Registering Cases in Dubai Courts:

Finally, if the issue is serious and police is not helping you. You can directly report a case in court with the help of a lawyer. Thankfully, Dubai courts have a seamless process of registering complaints. This is done with Salfah remote case registration service. The service can be availed by going to Dubai Courts website and using an e-application for case registration.