Top Legal Firm

How to find the Top legal firm in Dubai?

You want to file a case against someone in Dubai but you dont know where to go. This is the case with most expats entering Dubai. Many do not understand the Dubai law and therefore never file a case against a crime. But Dubai police encourages people to file a case. However, it advises to consult the authorities before filing one in order to become aware about the legal matters. Dubai has offered free services to find the top legal firm in Dubai as your ally against the miscreants.

1. Dubai Police Legal Consultant Service:

First we have Dubai Police department. Dubai police has a legal consultant service that allows its citizens interested in filing a case to get professional help. The legal consultancy provides information about where to find the best legal firm in Dubai and the dos and donts of filing a case.

2. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Commercial Dispute Service:

If the case includes commerce, DIFC dispute service is available for help. The dispute service aids litigants to get a free legal advice from a fund set up by the DIFC courts.

3. Dubai Court Online Search:

Then there is the Dubai Court Online search service. It is a directory that the litigants can use to get in contact with the best lawyers in Dubai.

4. Dubai Lawyers Business Directory:

Dubai lawyers have also made their own business directory. Litigants can take help of this comprehensive business directory to search for competent lawyers concerning their case.

5. Ministry of Justice:

Last but not the least, Ministry of Justice also provides its database to search for top law firms in Dubai.